• July 15, 2013
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An Expedition Update


Today's journey has been an exciting one. Last night (July 13) we departed Yangon on an overnight bus for Mandalay, where we arrived this morning at 3AM. From Mandalay we hired a taxi to take us to Inwa (formerly Ava) which was the location of the imperial city at the time that Adoniram Judson lived in Burma.

In Inwa, our guide took us to the very location of the death prison which was were Judson was tortured for nearly two years. Today nothing remains of the building but a few slabs of stone. It was all destroyed by the government to remove the remembrance of Judson's legacy from the country.

After viewing other ruins from the city we travelled back to Mandalay. There we toured the old Royal City where the last Burman Kings ruled before the British Empire conquered the country. We then ascended to one of the high places of Buddhist worship on Mount Mandalay where Jonathan Maness talked about the jealousy of God and man's responsibility to worship Him alone.

Tonight we will rest in a hotel and tomorrow we will travel by bus to Bagan where we will show the history of Christian exploration and evangelism in Asia — explaining the history of Preston John, Marco Polo, Mongolian Christians, and the earliest known practice of Christianity in Burma dating back to 1287.

The Lord has been so very gracious to us in our travels. No one has been sick and we are all in good spirits. The Lord has brought us into contact with many people who have helped us to tell the providential story of God in Burma.

—Kurtis Amundson, HJS Team Leader