The Scriptures proclaim, “Be strong, and show yourself a man” (I Kings 2:2).This is a calling for men to prove themselves and to embrace the call of manhood. It is a man's duty to demonstrate that he possesses stalwart character and is capable of performing the duties of manhood—such as leadership and dominion. Men prove their mettle by accomplishing great things for Christ. We do not need any more insignificant men in this world, but we need men who pursue the gospel commission and labor for the kingdom of God with the zeal and strength encompassed in biblical manhood.

To demonstrate these characteristics of biblical manhood, I am commissioned by the Hazardous Journeys Society (HJS) to lead a team to Burma this July 10–19. My team goes with a mission to chronicle the providences of God in that land. We will examine the legacy of exploration and evangelism, man's responsibilities of dominion and stewardship, and examine the Buddhist culture of the people from a biblical perspective.

Our journey will take us to ancient cities, through the deep recesses of the jungle, and we will behold some of the world's largest temples. We will also face danger as we travel through regions with active military conflict, engage in work with the largest mammals on earth, and confront disabling disease. Yet through all this we seek to stand strong and bring glory to God as we praise his mighty works!

Please join with us in proclaiming abroad in Burma, “O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! …” (Psalm 8:1).

Your brother in Christ Jesus,
Kurtis Amundson,
HJS Team Leader


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