• June 22, 2013
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Nothing Is Impossible to Persevering Prayer

“Nothing is impossible … to ‘persevering prayer.’”
—Adoniram Judson


Ask, and It Will Be Given

I write this with praise and thanksgiving to the Lord! Last week we requested prayer for several logistical concerns relating to our mission and also that we may reach our funding goal. Gratefully, we are able to report that the Lord has been gracious in blessing our endeavors. Please join us in prayers of thankfulness for His loving kindness and also for the continued blessing of this expedition.

Passports — All of our team members have received their passports and have been able to move on to the next phase of applying for their travel visas. Please thank the Lord for this quick resolution.

Airline Tickets — Each team member's flights have now been purchased and our itineraries are set for departure to Burma on July 8, with our return to the USA on July 20. We were able to reserve the tickets without all the passport information and then provide that to the airline once we had the final passport in hand. Please join us in thanking God for his mercy in this matter.

Travel Visas — We have submitted our passports and visa applications to the Myanmar Embassy in Washington, D.C. Please pray that there will not be any snags or hang-ups in the processing of our paperwork which would delay the issuing or delivery of the Visas.

Documentary Script — Please continue to pray that our planning for the filmmaking aspect of the trip will be fruitful and that the Lord may give us wisdom to address each topic as we proclaim the glory of God's providence throughout the history of Burma and showcase the legacy of exploration and evangelism.

Funding — Since the last update we have raised an additional 7% of the funds needed for the success of our mission. Please be in prayer that over the next two weeks the Lord will provide the remaining $4000 to completely fund our goal. Also praise Him for all that He has provided already through your generous support!

Again, we are grateful to the Lord for all of you who support us in this project! With your help we are able to record the providences of God in Burma, minister to the Christian communities in the region, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who have not yet heard the good news of salvation. We are excited and looking forward to these opportunities and are thankful for your partnership with us!

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Thank you for your prayers and support as we desire to follow the Lord’s leading in proclaiming glory of God and the testimony of the gospel to people who need to hear of the saving message of Christ.

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