Adoniram Judson

_0001_Adoniram Judson

For centuries, the orient has been a place of fascination for Christian explorers, adventurers, and missionaries. In 1277, as an emissary to the Yuan Dynasty, the Christian explorer Marco Polo traveled to the kingdom of Mien—what today is Burma, or Myanmar. He described its capitol as a “gilded city alive with tinkling bells and the swishing sounds of monks’ robes.” The 19th Century saw British rule in the orient expand westward from India making formerly unnavigable foreign lands available as mission fields for Christian evangelism. To these new lands Adoniram Judson traveled with his newlywed bride in order to preach the Gospel of salvation to the lost people. Arriving in Burma on July 13, 1813, he was ‘devoted for life’ to the spreading of the Gospel in this land. As our team returns to Burma on the 200th anniversary of Judson’s arrival, we will examine the legacy of exploration and evangelism in this land by focusing on his ministry, influence, and the impact of the gospel on the Burmese culture.

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