Dominion & Stewardship

_0008_Dominion & Stewardship

From the beginning, man was given authority to care for, steward, investigate and shepherd creation (Psalm 8). The mission of dominion is a fundamental calling of manhood. The man who obeys this calling, sees the glory of God and His wisdom demonstrated in a blade of grass or the eye of a storm. The dominion-minded man observes planets, studies atoms, cultivates gardens, and documents the work of the ants. He seeks to take every thought captive in all areas of life. It is this call which forms the true foundation for the building of civilizations and cultures; for the disciplines of art, science and history; and for the blessings and burdens found in the highest ideals of those noble aspirations, which drive meaningful adventure and exploration. Essential to each HJS expedition is a specific dominion objective that allows the team to study and record at least one noteworthy aspect of creation for the glory of God.

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