Hazardous Journeys Society

_0000_Hazardous Journeys Society

For more than 125 years the fields of naturalism, research, photographic journalism, and commentary on civilizations have been dominated by organizations seeking to present the flora and fauna, cultures, and geology of this world with a distinctively materialistic and evolution based worldview. In opposition to such a worldview, the Hazardous Journeys Society (HJS) was founded. Its purpose is to provide teams of intrepid adventurers, photographers, students, scientists, journalists, and naturalists with an opportunity to explore the globe and interpret creation from a perspective that brings honor to the Creator. HJS has a ten-year mission which involves sending teams to each of the 190-plus nations in the world, to every ocean, and to every continent. Each expedition will execute a mission involving the encouragement of biblical manhood, prudent informed risk-taking, and a specific dominion objective - all for the glory of God.

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