Jungle Elephants

_0004_Jungle Elephants

Utilizing and domesticating animals for stewardship and cultivation has been the legacy of men engaging in dominion work. Over the past 200 years, the Burmese have used elephants on a large scale in the timber industry; an activity that is still a vital part of the Burmese economy today. The use of elephants allows proper stewardship by selective logging which allows the extraction of valuable timber while leaving the forest otherwise intact. Such policies can only be fulfilled using elephant labor. The main work of the elephants is to drag felled timber from the cutting area to roads or rivers from where it can be transported out of the jungle. Logging work is an exceptionally hard task. Our team will be seeking an opportunity to work with elephant experts and have a hands-on experience of utilizing the strength of pachyderms in the jungle on logging expeditions. Working with the elephants is likely to be one of the more risky aspects of the mission because of the unpredictable nature of such large and heavy animals.

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